Catch The Crown!


I could not actually test the Mac / Linux versions. Please let me know if the game does not run on your platform.

Release Notes


The Prabbits: Catch The Crown is a local multiplayer arena platform game.

Four teenager Prabbits - half parrot / half rabbit creatures - are undertaking their “Coming-of-Age” ritual. They are spawned in an arena with a crown and a timer. Once the crown is picked up by a Prabbit, coins, diamonds and rubies appear across the level. Only the Prabbit with the crown can collect them.

A competition starts between Prabbits to catch the crown and collect gold. When the timer ends, the richer Prabbit wins.


I need to thank my friends for their ideas and feedback, especially:

  • Arthur Portron
  • Lukas Wolf
  • Atanaska Nikolova

Software used:


Asset folder

The assets are accessible and can be modified, that means you can add new levels and change the animations or sounds if you wanted to.

Preference Files

The preference files are in the folder preference and they can be modified to make the game windowed or fullscreen, change the name of the characters, or even use the keyboard as input.

  • Use the Keyboard and Mouse input:

    Open the file preferences.json in ./preference and replace, for instance:

    "input": "controller",
    "id_input": 2


    "input": "keyboard",
    "id_input": 1

    Note that the id_input of the keyboard must be set to 1.

  • Change the names of the Prabbits:

    Open the file preferences.json in ./preference and replace, for instance:

    "name": "Purple",
    "color": "purple",


    "name": "MyNewName",
    "color": "purple",
  • Change FullScreen Mode and Resolution:

    Open the file preferences.json in ./preference and replace, for instance:

    "full_screen": true,
    "resolution": [1920, 1080],


    "full_screen": false,
    "resolution": [800, 600],
  • Change the Controls:

    The controls are mapped to actions in the files profileController.xml and profileKeyBoard.xml. Note that the Mouse controls are hard coded and cannot be modified. The numbers mapped to the buttons of your controller depend on your controller. Known mapping can be found here.

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