Games & Projects

The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights!

A multiplayer 2D dogfight game to play with friends (2-4 players) on a couch or online.

Bubble Troop

A 6-days multiplayer prototype based on Adrien Lebouc’s ideas and made with All assets made from scratch.

Cannon Shooter

A 6-days prototype made with All assets made from scratch.

It's a Match!

Find your true love in this game made for Games Wales South’s GameJam 2017. Made with Unity.

Catch The Crown!

A mutiplayer arena game featuring Prabbits. All assets made from scratch.

Dynamic Neural Field toolset

Small Python Library to quickly run and test 1D Neural Fields with a population rate model. Can export video.

Brain Visual Space toolset

Toolset to estimate how the visual environment is transformed in the brain. Especially in the Superior Colliculus.

Eye tracking toolset

Toolset to extract and analyse eye movements from eye tracking recording.

John Space

John Space is a space traveller seeking adventures and galactic beers. Platformer prototype made with LibGDX. All assets made from scratch.

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